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We are currently in the process of updating our online membership form – in the meantime, please drop in to the Library during one of our session times to sign up. Just bring Photo ID and Proof of Address.

Please fill in the form below to join the toy library. Membership is either:

  • Active (you do up to two desk duties per year or other activities required for the smooth running of the toy library such as stock takes or fundraising) or
  • Non-Active (you pay a higher fee and do not do any duties or other activities).

Subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please let the Librarian know if you want to cancel your membership.


Subscriptions are per family (to a maximum of 3 children), not per child.

Membership Period Active Membership Non-Active Membership
6 months $50 + 1 Duty (max) $100
1 year $85 + 2 Duties (max) $170

If you have a Community Services Card (CSC) there is a $10 discount per year, $5 for 6 months.

Porse memberships are paid directly by Porse.  They have no duties or fundraising and are for 3 months.  The Porse membership applies only to new Porse in-home educators referred by Porse and not to exisiting Toy Library members.

How to Pay

After you have completed the form and worked out how much you need to pay, please deposit your fees into the following bank account:

Account name: Brooklyn Toy Library Trust

Account number: 03 0502 0670821 00

If you have any queries or problems, contact the Librarian on

Please see our Terms and Conditions before completing the form.

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