Membership is per family.  There are 3 types of membership available:

  • Active – you do up to two desk duties (per year) or other activities required for the smooth running of the toy library such as stock taking or fundraising
  • Non-Active  – you pay a higher fee and do not do any duties or other activities
  • Casual – for Grandparents etc with children staying for short periods

Active membership is preferred as it makes it easier to staff the library.

Subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please let the Librarian know if you want to cancel your membership.

Desk Duties

As an Active member you do up to two desk duties per year.

A roster will be distributed showing your allocated duty day (we try to allocate preferred days, but this may not always be possible).

If you cannot make your rostered day, it is your responsibility to swap with another member on the roster.

Failure to perform a rostered desk duty will result in a fine of $30 per duty.

Fundraising and Grants

The subscription you pay covers the administration of the library and partly funds the paid Librarian. The shortfall must be met by any grants received and from the proceeds of fundraising activities carried out by the Toy Library. New toys are purchased in the same way.

The Brooklyn Toy Library has Donee Tax Status which means that any donations of $5 or more are available for a donation rebate.

Currently, membership numbers mean fundraising is only being done for specific purposes such as the purchase of large toys.


Subscriptions are per family (to a maximum of 3 children), not per child.  Rates excluding any Fundraising Levy are:

Membership Period Active Membership Non-Active Membership
6 months $50 + 1 Duty $100
1 year $85 + 2 Duties $170
Casual $30 for 10 loans

Casual Membership

This type of membership is aimed at Grandparents and those having children to visit for short periods.  It is valid for 12 months from the date of the first loan.

It costs $30 for 10 loans.  Each loan consists of a toy and a puzzle.  More than one loan can be made at a time.

The rules for loan length, reservations, late penalties, breakages, missing pieces are the same as for normal members.  See our “How It Works” page.

Casual memberships can only be purchased in person from the Toy Librarian.  ID and proof of address must be provided before the first loan.

They can also be given as a gift.